Daniele Podini

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Daniele Podini

Associate Professor of Forensic Molecular Biology and of Biological Sciences


2100 Foxhall Road, NW Washington DC 20007

Prof. Daniele Podini received his BS/MS in Biology/Molecular Biology from the University of Parma, Italy in the Biotechnological-Environmental Laboratory, Dept. of Environmental Sciences. He later specialized (PhD equivalent) in Applied Genetics at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome Italy.

Prof. Podini served as the Assistant Chief of the Biology Section of the Scientific Department of the Carabinieri (1998-2000), which is an Italian military Armed Force that implements law enforcement both on the Italian territory and abroad. Later he created and directed the Forensic Section, while also being technical leader of the Molecular Diagnostic section, of Genoma, a private molecular biology laboratory in Rome (2000-2004). He also consulted with laboratories in Istanbul, Turkey, Reggio Calabria, Italy, and Tirana, Albania to aid in the establishment of Molecular Genetic Sections, by providing logistical and technological support and personnel training. His forensic experience ranges from processing crime scenes for biological specimens to processing evidence in the laboratory, and from DNA profiling to testifying in court as an expert witness.

Prof. Podini has been on the faculty of the Department of Forensic Sciences since 2004. His duties have included teaching Forensic Biology and Forensic Molecular Biology II and III. His research background is mostly in applied molecular biology, both in the Forensic and in the human genetics field developing new strategies to increase the efficiency and significance of the information that can be obtained with the most recent molecular biology techniques. Specifically the research conducted in his lab ranges from developing single nucleotide polymorphisms assays to infer biogeographic ancestry and physical traits, to working on high throughput detection of sperm cells from sexual assault evidence, and from obtaining DNA from fired cartage cases to developing a rapid bloodstain age prediction device on a smartphone platform. Dr. Podini has ongoing collaborations with NIST, ATFE, FBI, Bode Technology, Dr. Ken Kidd (Yale University), Dr. James Landers (University of Virginia), Copan Italia, and Life Technologies, which allow his students to be exposed to cutting edge research in the field of Forensic Molecular Biology.

Dr. Podini is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, of the International Society of Forensic Genetics, and is serving as a member of the Subcommittee on DNA Analysis 1 of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) to aid efforts in strengthening forensic sciences in the United States.

BS/MS, University of Parma
PhD, University La Sapienza