Scientific Research
in Pursuit of Justice

Revealing and understanding crucial evidence

Who We Are


The George Washington University's Department of Forensic Sciences offers advanced study in crime scene and forensic investigation, forensic chemistry and forensic molecular biology.

As one of the oldest and most prestigious forensic programs in the country, our academic curriculum immerses students in rigorous scientific scholarship, hands-on experience and exciting research opportunities. Through scholarly inquiry, students contribute to the knowledge base and collaborate with faculty experts to advance the forensic community.

GW's location in the heart of the nation's security hub places students in close proximity to unparalleled opportunities for internships and meaningful employment beyond graduation.

What We Offer

Teacher in front of classroom

Expert Faculty

Faculty have extensive experience in the classroom and the field. Students often conduct research alongside faculty mentors.


Hands-On Experience

Our state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped with mass spectrometers, forensic instrumentation and the latest in computer technology.


Career Opportunities

In Washington, D.C., students have access to a large concentration of internship and job opportunities in crime labs and federal investigative agencies.


"The GW teachers weren't just academics; they were speaking from life experience. They talked about the stresses they faced, the mistakes they made and what really goes on in the forensic world each day. "

Adrienne Borges
MFS '06








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