Graduate Certificate in Digital Investigations

Digital Investigations trains mid-career information technology and computer security professionals in the digital forensics specialization. Graduates are equipped with specific intervention skills in incident response, digital forensics and investigative techniques for media devices, such as computers, cell phones and GPS technology. The program’s curriculum is designed to maximize academic and career opportunities in this area of cybersecurity. Students can also apply courses taken for the graduate certificate toward the Master of Science in Digital Forensics program.

Pre-requisite: BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar degree; 5 years of experience in a computer-related field, or Program Director's approval based upon technical skills.

Program Curriculum

The graduate certificate in digital investigations addresses the increasing need for IT professionals with the knowledge and skills to conduct digital forensic investigations. Students acquire an understanding of the proper methods for identifying, acquiring, preserving, and analyzing data from computers, media and mobile devices, and network environments.

Specific admission requirements can be found on the Graduate Program Finder

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including 15 credits in required courses and 3 credits in elective courses.

FORS 6270Digital Artifacts: Points of Evidence
FORS 6277Computer Forensics I: File System Analysis
FORS 6278Computer Forensics II: Applied Computer Forensics
FORS 6279Incidence Response: Understanding and Identifying Network-Based Attacks
FORS 6280Advanced Incidence Response: Investigating Network-Based Attacks
One of the following:
FORS 6259Computer Related Law
FORS 6290Selected Topics (Macintosh Forensics)
FORS 6290Selected Topics (Malware Analysis)
FORS 6290Selected Topics (Computer Forensics III)
FORS 6290Selected Topics (Mobile Forensics)

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